Crystal identifies nine points

- Apr 18, 2018-

Crystal product is very common, glittering and translucent get rid of get rid of, the price is also cheaper, it is the adornment that everybody loves, but how to differentiate crystal and common glass product? The true and false crystal identification method is as follows:

Light: the natural crystal is placed in the sun, and from every Angle it can give off a beautiful glow. Fake crystals don't.

Using a polarizer: rotating 360 degrees under a polarizer is a natural crystal, with no change in the false crystal.

Look: natural crystal in the formation process, often be affected by the environment always contain a few impurities, to the sun observation, can see the faint even small horizontal grain or willow flocculate matter. And the false crystal mostly USES the crystal slag of the remnant, the glass slag smelting, after the polishing processing, the color imitates, does not have the uniform stripe, the willow flocculate material.

Use two color checks: natural amethyst has dichromatic sex, false crystal does not have dichromatic sex.

Hardness: natural crystal hardness is large, use the gravel to be in the role of the decoration lightly, no trace; If a streak is left, it is a fake crystal.

Check with a magnifying glass: with a 10-fold magnifying glass, you can find the bubbles that are essentially false crystals.

Use the hair silk to check: place the crystal on a hair silk, the human eye can see the hair double shadow through the crystal, is natural crystal, mainly because the crystal has birefringence.

Test with the thermal conductivity meter: the thermal conductivity meter is adjusted to the green 4 test gem, the natural crystal can rise to yellow 2 lattice, and the false crystal does not rise, when the area is big, rises to the yellow one.

Tongue lick: even in the hot summer of the dog days, with the tongue licking the natural crystal surface, also has the cold and cool feeling. False crystal, there is no cool feeling.