How do you put the crystal?

- Apr 18, 2018-

Crystal furnishing articles home decoration can be said to be a hot topic now. This is about to lightly involves the objects put, some people will be more big, very casual. But do you know that some things are not too casual, or want to pay attention to the cultured. Here, I just wanted to say something about the crystal need to care about several furnishing articles.

Also has a different shape or color distinguish between gold, wood, water, fire, soil five line, but use in feng shui, the most common have a crystal ball, crystal, crystal mountain cave, crystal pillar, crystal mascot, etc.; The effect is not too big difference, instead is the position that pays attention to put and the material of crystal is exquisite, color, size.

1. The crystal should not be moved frequently.

Sat down to meditate, in the face of crystal, when you are free meditation will be the things you want to visualize attentive. For example, thinking about what you want, make a visualisation reached smoothly, such accumulate over a long period, increases the chance of money into the goods.

2. Crystals cannot be placed in the bedroom.

Long sleep in strong magnetic field, easy to cause emotional instability; But on a desk or desk, it is ok.

3. Crystals should be avoided on the computer table or suspended above them.

Such a crystal magnetic field and the electromagnetic field of the computer, quite this mutual interference, easy not to be covered, first by its harm.

4. Choose the front gate opposite corner (the financial position).

Select the central roof of the living room to hang a crystal ball.

A crystal ball is suspended from the roof of the gate.

Select the auspicious position of the year.

The last thing to say is that the crystal should not be too small, the smallest should be more than 6 cm.