How to clean the crystal ashtray?

- Apr 18, 2018-

When the crystal ashtray is used for a long time, the surface will be stained, oil stained, smoked and other impurities. If do not wash regularly, besmirch can accumulate, affect the appearance of ashtray, can ornamental also reduce, so ashtray how clean?

1, can use cotton cloth or other soft cloth to touch alcohol to undertake wiping, remember, must not be wiped with hard cloth, lest the ashtray cuts, influence glossiness.

2. If there is no alcohol, you can use the car's glass cleaner to clean it, which is more common and has better effect than alcohol.

3, if nothing, then use water to wipe it again first, and then must use dry cotton cloth to wipe clean the surface of water, of course, this effect is not that two great above, stains on the surface of the oil stains is not so easy to clean off.

When use crystal ashtray normally, also should be aware, do not touch the chemical article such as strong acid, strong base, so that can make it surface does not pollute, also won't affect glossiness.