How to maintain the crystal medal?

- Apr 18, 2018-

Crystal medal is a symbol of noble purity and image, often used in government and enterprise awards. How to maintain the crystal medal? Crystal MEDALS are applicable to qualification, award and important events. The production process includes the following steps: raw material, pressing embryo, coarse polishing, fine polishing, drilling, engraving, sandblasting, viscose, quality inspection and packaging.

Crystal MEDALS and maintenance is very simple, just use ordinary cleaning fluid after water, place for cleaning products, with a soft brush or hand after cleaning, reoccupy clear water is rinsed clean, take out to dry. When half dry, wipe clean with a soft towel, leaving no water lines and fingerprints.

Avoid using alkaline, acidic and alcohol-based cleaning agents to avoid corrosive products. Other dishes such as cups should be reduced to avoid yellowing.

Do not wipe after drying, because the water will leave water lines after drying, so it must be wiped when it is dry.