lead crystal

- Jun 17, 2019-

Those containing 24% lead or more are called lead crystals, and those below 24% are called lead crystals. The benefits of adding lead are increased weight, texture, more transparency, clarity and brightness; the disadvantage is that it is softer and easier to grind, so the more lead is not necessarily the better. At the same time, modern people are more and more environmentally friendly, and the production of crystal glass has also penetrated into environmental protection elements. The new lead-free and flawless crystal glass is extremely flexible and crystal clear, and is twice as safe as ordinary crystal glass.

Crystal clear crystal glass products are very fine workmanship. Its brilliant crystal light, streamlined design, crystal texture and sound bring great joy to your senses of sight, hearing, taste and touch. You can buy it as a decoration, and it can be used as a daily necessities to become a good helper in life. For example, a set of colorful champagne glasses, painted, transparent, and monochrome, used to hold a glass of juice in the summer, it must be cool from the heart. You can also prepare a few transparent bottles with a unique charm. They are tall and short, fat and thin, and they are very charming even if they are not decorated. There is also a bottle of static fragrance, a glass candlestick filled with romance, and a Japanese sake pot that reflects the warmth of the pulse... It will make your summer cool and romantic.

Others: The heating rod of crystal glass for silicon steel is 70% more expensive than ordinary heating rods. It is said to be stronger and cheaper than stainless steel.