Technology of carving craft in crystal

- Apr 18, 2018-

Crystal inside carving is a laser machine will be inside a certain wavelength of laser into the crystal, the crystal in specific areas within the subtle form bubbles burst, so as to outline the preset in the shape of a crystal processing technology, also refers to the process of crystal crafts. Crystal handicrafts are made from the laser engraving mechanism controlled by computer. Most of the artifacts seen are artificial crystal. "Laser" is the most useful tool for the "inner carving" of artificial crystal. Using laser internal carving techniques, the plane or three-dimensional pattern "sculpture" inside the crystal.

Engraving is an ancient art, the general carving process is from the outside, from the material outside the desired shape, but the laser can "deep into the hinterland" to display the hands and feet. Look carefully, there is no opening in and out of these crystal products, in this respect! The laser engraving principle is also very simple. Laser to engrave glass, the glass damaged on its energy density must be greater than a certain critical value, or the threshold, and the laser energy density and it somewhere in that point related to the size of the spot, the same laser beam, the smaller the spot where the energy density is larger. In this way, through proper focus, can make the laser energy density in before we reached into the glass and processing zone below the glass damage threshold, and in the hope the processing area is more than the critical value, the laser pulse in a very short period of time, its energy can make crystal heat in an instant burst, resulting in a tiny white dot, inside the glass carved a predetermined shape, while the rest of the glass and crystal intact intact.