The development history and artistic value of crystal ashtray

- Apr 18, 2018-

The crystal ashtray can be used in addition to the ash, it also has a certain appreciation value. In addition to the use of colorful hues and patterns, the diversity of the modeling is one of its characteristics, many of which are designed as characters, such as longevity star, diaoyuweng, ancient ladies and other characters; Some are designed as animal forms, such as dragons, tigers, turtles, etc. Some are also designed for other utensils, such as beer barrel, embroidered shoes, leaves, tobacco leaves, vehicles, etc.

The history of the crystal ashtray:

Early smoking was a match, and the crystal ashtray was designed with special consideration. China have a kind of crystal ashtray, center for glaze porcelain decorative pattern, the edge is a circle of coarse textured, with porcelain smokers with "yellow head match" (a kind of easy struck a match) in the edge of a row can flash light up. Later, considering the safety factor, one side of the crystal ashtray was designed to put a drawer in the slot on the top to make it easier for smokers to use matches. The material and design of the crystal ashtray are inseparable from social development. The Chinese crystal ashtray is gradually changed in the material, the ashtray is printed on the top, and the characters are becoming more and more artistic, and now they are gradually becoming a decoration in people's home life.

The artistic value of the crystal ashtray:

For tobacco companies, the crystal ashtray is one of the best advertising campaigns, and they print their company names, contact details, and so on in an ashtray. In addition, some crystal ashtray also has certain artistic value. The original crystal ashtray was mostly ceramic, and some people called it a cigarette dish. The shape and size of the crystal ashtray can be customized according to the requirements of the customer, so there is no fixed standard. But there is a clear sign that the crystal ashtray is lined with a few thick flutes, designed for cigarette smokers.