How To Match Crystal Ornament?

- Apr 18, 2018-

Crystal is what every woman likes, and a crystal that suits her will always add to our life. It shows the beauty of women in the most detail. So how does the crystal fit?

Because of crystal material is special, too much decorated with crystals will gild the lily, so suggest the bride when choosing to use crystal accessories must be appropriate, as long as the ornament can be appropriately, avoid by all means is not too much, they will look tacky.

If your wedding dress is a big open collar design, then it is recommended to choose a crystal necklace with pendant, which will make up for the hole in the chest. If you are wearing a tight, protruding dress, it is recommended to wear simple and delicate crystal ornaments to avoid damaging the whole feeling. Wrist ornament easy to add feet

If you dress wearing gloves, don't again with wrist act the role ofing, it would seem to be very funny, if you don't wear gloves, then can match a and crystal earrings photograph echo bracelets and other accessories, can make the arm more "fullness".