Interpretation Of Gift Giving

- Apr 18, 2018-

Gift-giving, traditionally, is something physical. Gift giving is a universal social phenomenon, which exists in various periods and regions of human society. An ideal gift can convey some special message to both the giver and the receiver.

People give gifts to each other, which is indispensable in human social life. Chinese people always admire reciprocity. "It is not propriety not to give, not to give, nor to salute," said the book of rites.

The gift is produced and developed along with other etiquette activities. We know that the ceremony originated from ancient sacrificial activities. In ritual, people in addition to using the standard action and pious attitude toward god said reverence and awe, will also be your most valuable and most items that can reflect the respect to god (sacrifice) dedicated to the gods.

Perhaps from then on, in the meaning of propriety, there began to be material composition and expression. That is, gifts can come in the form of things. About gift this concept, some said it originally comes from ancient war because of tribal mergers and produce "tribute", also is the conqueror regularly to the conqueror sent to food, slaves, etc, to show to be the conqueror obedience and beg for the conqueror's asylum.

There were records in the history books that caused wars because of gifts that were not present or thoughtful. For example, during the spring and autumn period, the state of chu did not send a cart of grass to zhou tianzi on time, which caused the war between the central plains states and the alliance. Others believe that the first gift is a kind of commercial goods of reciprocity, the original "reciprocity", essentially, in the form of gift gift reward to exchange products.