The Practical And Design Style Of The Crystal Ashtray

- Apr 18, 2018-

The crystal ashtray is a kind of decorative handicraft besides practical function, it has certain appreciation value. In addition to the use of color and pattern, the diversity of the modeling is also one of its main characteristics. Some are designed as objects, such as longevity stars, diaoyuweng, ancient ladies, etc. Some are designed as animals, such as dragons, tigers, turtles, etc. Some will be designed into the life of the types of products, such as beer barrel, embroidered shoes, leaves, tobacco, vehicles, and so on.

For tobacco companies, crystal ashtrays can also be one of their advertising campaigns. In addition there are a lot of advertising has the artistic value, such as anhui chuzhou cigarette factories produced "zuiweng pavilion" crystal ashtray for square, smoke name printed on one side, the side with name, side for design, one side the full text of "zuiweng pavilion with ouyang xiu's prose, its design originality.

The crystal ashtray was produced in the 19th century and is also known as an ashtray. The original crystal ashtray was made of porcelain, and some people called it a cigarette dish. Make the material of crystal ashtray has glass and metal, the shape size is not fixed, but have obvious markers, both the ashtray emblazoned with a few YanZhi thickness of slot, it is designed into a cigarette.